Anyone who's ever played against or even watched Maxim Lapierre play hockey can attest to the fact that the Vancouver Canucks forward can make you want to punch something — especially Lapierre.

Minnesota's Cal Clutterbuck found himself in something of a tussle with the Vancouver agitator on Thursday night in a game between the Wild and Maple Leafs. 

The two got tangled up in front of the Vancouver bench, and instead of dropping the gloves and fighting, Lapierre tried to wrestle Clutterbuck into over the bench like a wrestler trying to force his opponent over the top rope.

Naturally, Clutterbuck tried to fight back. In the process, his errant left hook accidentally found the face of a linesman who was trying to break up the fight.

Also, you would think Lapierre would know better than to mess with a man who can grow a mustache like this one.

The linesman stayed in the game, of course. After all, he's a hockey player, er, official.

See video of the incident in the video below with a major stick tap once again to Yahoo!'s Puck Daddy blog.