Chad Ochocinco Unveils ‘Lethal Weapon 3’-Inspired Twitter Avatar Co-Starring Tom Brady, Bill Belichick (Photo)


Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco is on the verge of reaching the 3 million mark in terms of Twitter followers. His latest avatar may help him reach that mark.

Ochocinco, who may actually have more avatar changes this season than receptions, unveiled his newest profile photo on Tuesday, and it's actually kind of hilarious.

The new photo is a Photoshopped image based on the movie poster from Lethal Weapon 3. Instead of Mel Gibson and Danny Glover at the foreground of the "poster," someone, perhaps Ochocinco himself, has photoshopped Tom Brady's face on Gibson and Ochocinco's on Glover. It doesn't end there, though. Joe Pesci also makes a small (pun intended) cameo on the original poster, and in the revised version on Ochocinco's Twitter account, it's Bill Belichick taking Pesci's place.

Apparently after catching a pair of passes (for 65 yards!) on Sunday night, Ochocinco is feeling a lot better about his relationship with Brady, despite the fact that the wideout has just 11 catches this season, none of which have led him to the end zone.

"It's my off day but i'm going to spend it bugging Brady,confidence is seeping," Ochocinco tweeted on Tuesday morning.

It was a busy Twitter day for Ochocinco (as most are), as he frequently took time out from bugging Brady and the Patriots coaching staff to send out a few tweets. Here's what we learned:

  • Ochocinco gets more women than Brady because the wide receiver drives a Prius.
  • Ochocinco is also better dressed than Brady because Ocho can "wear a leather kilt and get away with it."
  • The secret to ending the NBA lockout? Getting Patriots owner Robert Kraft involved, of course.
  • The Prius is great and all, but Ochocinco has his eyes on a black Fiat. 
  • The pancakes are great at both McDonald's and IHOP (so true).
  • The new Drake album is "very nice."
  • Ochocinco has learned to "embrace" the criticism put upon him now that he's been able to "re-establish a comfort/confident level."

Unfortunately, Ochocinco changed the avatar late Tuesday afternoon. Fear not, however, because the blog Pats Propaganda was able to grab hold of it. Check it out below with a hat tip to Larry Brown Sports. Here's a reference point to the original. 

Chad Ochocinco Unveils 'Lethal Weapon 3'-Inspired Twitter Avatar Co-Starring Tom Brady, Bill Belichick (Photo)

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