It's no secret that the Bruins had a rough first month of the season. But head coach Claude Julien expects them to turn things around, which he said starts with becoming more opportunistic.

The B's have had plenty of scoring chances, but they've struggled when it comes to capitalizing on them. Julien said that once the B's start burying what should be goals, like they did so well last year, they'll be back on track. It's a rather simple concept, but Julien thinks that it's a fair assessment and that there's no need to complicate the team's struggles.

Julien also discussed Tyler Seguin's strong play this season, saying that he's noticed a growing sense of confidence in the 19-year-old. Julien believes that experience also has a lot to do with his improvements in his second season in the league.

To hear more from Julien, check out the video above.