The Lions have been popping up in headlines this season after firing out of the gates with a 5-0 record and more recently with Ndamukong Suh discussing his $42,500 in fines with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Even during their bye week they remain in the headlines – this time, thanks to their fans.

Lions fans are outraged over the halftime performance scheduled for their Thanksgiving day game against the Green Bay Packers. The Lions and Packers rank first and second, respectively, in the NFL in point differential, but the action will come to a screeching halt when the Canadian rock band Nickelback takes the stage at halftime. Nickelback is notorious for being touted as one of the worst bands in the past 15 years.

One fan, Dennis Guttmancreated a petition to send to the Detroit Lions organization, stating his case for removing the alternative metal band.

"This game is nationally televised, do we really want the rest of the U.S. to associate Detroit with Nickelback?" he wrote. "Detroit is home to so many great musicians and they chose Nickelback?"

The petition is looking for 5,000 signatures, and in just two days, it's surpassed that goal.