A product of Syracuse University, a former first-round draft pick in the 1986 NFL draft and a best-selling author, Tim Green has been successful throughout his life. But now coaching varisty football in Skaneateles, N.Y., he finds himself on the hot seat over recruiting violations.

Hiring Green to be the high school’s head coach wasn’t too popular among the school board because Green rented an apartment (away from his $1.9 million home) within another school district two years earlier so that his son, Troy, could play for a better program.

Green’s coaching has greatly improved the team, though. Skaneateles now finds itself undefeated after back-to-back 1-7 finishes. But is the turnaround too good to be true?

An investigation is being conducted over whether or not Green and his coaches illegally recruited players from other teams and districts, according to The Post-Standard.

If Skaneateles and Green are found to be in violation of the rules, they could be forced to forfeit games they have already won or future games.

Dave Chirco, a senior defensive end from a nearby district who attended a football camp Green put together before his coaching tenure, explained the coach’s tactics for attempting to recruit him and his friends.

“Guys, I just want you to know that you guys could make a difference here,” Chirco told The Post-Standard. “If you wanted, I could get you guys into school here, and I could get you your own little frat house with your own Xboxes.”

Green firmly denies any accusations against him or his players.

“The ultimate conclusion is exactly what I’d said all along, and that is I have done nothing wrong,” he said. “I have not violated any rules.”

Over 60 players and coaches have been interviewed during the investigation.