Occupy Perry Hall High School?

Students of the Maryland high school showed up to school early on Thursday, but it wasn't for extra credit or anything else. Instead, students showed up to protest the recent cancellation of the remainder of the boys soccer team's season, the Perry Hall Patch reports.

The soccer team was disciplined after it decided to celebrate a goal in a recent game by performing "The Bernie," a dance move that is modeled after a scene in Weekend at Bernie's II. 

The school deemed the dance move "inappropriate behavior," and thus cancelled the rest of the team's season. Parents of the opposing team supposedly called the dance move "sexually suggestive."

"Children should celebrate by cheering each other, giving high fives, hugs and pats on the back. But in my view, a choreographed, celebratory dance is not the way to celebrate victory," Perry Hall High principal George Roberts said.

"That celebration method is not acceptable. It's not what we expect from our student athletes at Perry Hall High School," he added. 

Students stood across the street from the school on Thursday morning — on a public sidewalk — many of them wearing T-shirts in support of the team. 

One teacher said that the dance is nothing new for the team, and that they did nothing wrong in doing it.

"I was there the whole time. … When those boys did the 'Bernie' dance, they went out to the middle of field," Jen Carolyn told the Perry Hall Patch. "There was no grabbing of privates, like some people said, and they did not do any vulgar language."

The dance move has been popularized by the music video below.

Thumbnail photo via Perry Hall Patch