Iron Sheik Body Slams NBA Lockout, Warns NBA to Not Be ‘Greedy Piece of Garbage’

Finally, some NBA lockout perspective we can really take seriously.

Former pro wrestler "The Iron Sheik," who has one of the funniest (and most vulgar) Twitter accounts, has finally chimed in on the lockout, and he's not happy.

Yahoo!'s Ball Don't Lie blog about the NBA pointed out the Sheik's critical (and surprisingly safe for work) assessment of the situation. 

Check out the tweet below.

Iron Sheik Body Slams NBA Lockout, Warns NBA to Not Be 'Greedy Piece of Garbage'

 Strong words from the Sheik. The Virgil reference obviously cuts deep, but how about Sheik's deep understanding of the NBA's economics?

"You lose the fan, you lose the money."

So true, Sheik. So true.

He's certainly not one who's afraid to talk sports on his Twitter account. Just a couple of weeks ago, for instance, the Sheik asked his followers this burning question.

"Which NFL team should I put in camel clutch????"

We can only hope that the overwhelming answer is one of America's favorite teams, the Green Bay Packers. Who wouldn't want to see a Hulk Hogan-Iron Sheik redux with Aaron Rodgers (who already has the title belt, of course) taking on the Sheik at the next pay-per-view?

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