John Beck Receives Condoms After Being Sacked Nine Times ‘So He Won’t Be Left Unprotected’


John Beck is officially protected.

The Redskins’ quarterback, who was sacked nine times against the Bills last weekend, received a shipment of condoms from NuVo, according to The Washington Post.

“The results for the Week 8 winners of the NuVo Protection Plan have been tallied and this week was a blow out,” the press release read. “John Beck of the Washington Redskins takes home the prize solo, as a first time recipient of the NuVo Protection Plan. Beck blew away the competition as he was sacked nine times over the weekend — ouch, that?s got to hurt!

“NuVo Condoms sent a week supply of condoms to Beck so he can hopefully recover and won?t be left unprotected next week! Come on Redskins — you can?t let your quarterback get roughed up that badly.”

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