LaVar Arrington Changes Tune on Penn State Scandal, Says He Is Ticked Off at Jerry SanduskyLaVar Arrington asked for more information on the Penn State scandal. Now that he’s received that information, he’s mad as heck.

Arrington, the former Penn State linebacker, appeared on CNN last week and hedged on whether he felt Nittany Lions head coach Joe Paterno should be fired for his knowledge of alleged sexual abuse by former assistant Jerry Sandusky.

The two-time collegiate all-American and three-time NFL All-Pro told CNN’s John King that he wanted to learn more details before he made a judgment.

“A lot of people take showers,” Arrington responded in part to a question about whether it is appropriate for a man and a young boy to take a shower together.

Now, it looks like Arrington has heard the grisly details and his judgment is unequivocal after Sandusky’s interview on NBC on Monday.

“You know what I’m [ticked] off about? He didn’t say he was sorry to those kids,” Arrington told 106.7 The Fan in Washington, D.C. “He didn’t say he was sorry to the kids at Penn State. He didn’t say he was sorry to the players. He didn’t say he was sorry to me, [to] us.”

Sandusky failed to express remorse in his first statement since the accusations became public, Arrington said.

“If I’m making a statement, make that statement,” Arrington said. “[Say] I’m sorry that I affected these kids’ lives and even if you’re saying that you didn’t do it, say ‘I’m sorry that I affected your lives. Something I did affected or impacted your life and I’m sorry for that.'”

Watch Arrington’s CNN interview in this video, then listen to his much different tone in the audio player below.