Logan Mankins Laughs at Memory of Walking Through Fancy Hotel Covered in Blood After Hunting Trip

FOXBORO, Mass. — Patriots left guard Logan Mankins plays the game with a level of anger that might frighten some young children. As it turns out, he was much scarier one day off the field.

Mankins went hunting with Eagles defensive end Trent Cole a few years ago when the pair were in Hawaii for the Pro Bowl. After killing a few pigs, they returned to the hotel and caused quite the scene, in Mankins' words at least.

"That was great," Mankins said Thursday. "We went hunting, killed a few pigs — that's always fun. The best was after we were done, walking into that hotel — big, fancy hotel — covered in blood. People were looking at us like we murdered somebody. It was a good time."

Mankins, who has a funny personality off the field, plays the game with as much intensity as anyone in New England. It's one of the primary reasons why he's been so successful, but it's also landed him in the middle of a few scrums with opposing players this season.

And if there's an on-field melee, it will surely attract the attention of everyone in the stands — just not as much as a couple of bloody, plus-sized linemen strolling through a fancy hotel.