Ndamukong Suh Rips Off Foes’ Arms, Legs in Taiwanese Animation Depiction of Stomping Incident (Video)


Ndamukong Suh‘s ejection on Thursday for stomping on Packers’ lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith certainly didn’t endear himself to fans and players alike. But credit Suh for at least not taking his aggression to the obvious next level: magical powers and ripping off limbs.

In the latest of a series of videos depicting news events, the Lions’ defensive tackle is seen using magical powers to hurt Jay Cutler and ripping off the arms and legs of Dietrich-Smith in a Taiwanese animmation video produced by Next Media Animation. NMA shows Suh acting like a lion (clawing and roaring at opponents) while picking up Jake Delhomme by the facemask and slamming him to the turf multiple times. Only a lion tamer with an NFL logo can tame the Detroit bad boy.

The video depiction may be slightly exaggerated, however. We’re pretty sure that if Suh actually disassembled his opponents then he would get more than a two-game suspension.

Check out the video of wild, anime Suh below.

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