Report: Bears’ Earl Bennett Will Not Be Allowed on Field Sunday if He Wears Orange Shoes


The NFL is willing to overlook numerous injustices and will take its sweet time to dispense discipline on a coach who curses at a fan, but one thing the league will not tolerate is the wearing of orange footwear.

Bears wide receiver Earl Bennett has thankfully been barred from taking part in the highly dangerous exercise of wearing bright orange cleats now that the NFL has told him he will not be allowed on the field Sunday if he wears the nuclear footwear, ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports.

Bennett was fined $5,000 the first time he wore the shoes, then $10,000 last week when he wore them again. The orange shoes are said to violate the league's uniform dress policy.

"After that I've heard that they are going to call delay of game and maybe kick me out of the game," Bennett told ESPN 1000 in Chicago last week.

The NFL did not say what renders the orange cleats so unseemly, but we'll assume every time Bennett wears them on the field, something terrible happens to kittens or bunnies or baby seals. Either that, or the league is just being overbearing about inconsequential things, as usual.

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