Rex Ryan Absolves Jets After Loss to Tim Tebow’s Broncos, But Santonio Holmes Wants More From Mark Sanchez


As Tim Tebow took the shotgun snap, escaped the blitz, scampered for a first down, broke Eric Smith's tackle and scored the game-winning touchdown on Thursday night, Jets coach Rex Ryan couldn't find too mouch fault in his own team's play.

"The kid's [Tebow] a competitor and makes big plays with the game on the line," Ryan said, while also insisting on numerous occasions that the Jets played a "great" game. "I think I'm the only coach in the league that actually gives [opponents] credit after they win games."

Oh, yeah. Forget that Jim Leonhard whiffed on a tackle on the goal line at the beginning of that game-winning drive that would have either caused a safety or at least backed the Broncos up to their own 1-yard line. Forget that Sanchez tried to pull a Dan Marino with a fake spike but didn't see Champ Bailey there to make an easy tackle. Forget that Sanchez threw an interception that was returned for a touchdown — his second in five days! — that absolutely crushed the Jets. Forget that the Jets on several occasions missed their assignments when defending the option, even though that was their only task of the night. Forget franchised linebacker David Harris getting bull-rushed by Willis McGahee and dragged for a first down on the opening series of the game. Forget about Antonio Cromartie foolishly taking the final kickoff out of the end zone, even though he was 9 yards deep. Forget that their only touchdown was scored by an offensive lineman. Forget Rex's own forgetfulness when he should've taken a timeout late in the second half before Denver punted.

Forget it all. The Broncos just won, and according to Ryan, that's all that happened.

But not according to Santonio Holmes.

"He's our starting quarterback," Holmes told the New York Post. "He's the guy we've got to ride and die with for the rest of the season. He has to step it up. I believe in him."

Doesn't really sound that way, Tone Time.

To be fair, Ryan did say several times that his team needs to find a way to get better, but he insisted so many times that they had just played a "great game." Combine that with the ludicrous statement that he's the only coach to give opponents credit after games, and the lasting message was formed. 

It was a tough loss for the Jets, and it might have ended any chance they have left at winning the AFC East, but at least Darrelle Revis wasn't bored.

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Rex Ryan Absolves Jets After Loss to Tim Tebow's Broncos, But Santonio Holmes Wants More From Mark Sanchez

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"I like winning, but I wish it wasn't this stressful."
–Tim Tebow, after making the longest game-winning touchdown run by a quarterback in the final minute of the fourth quarter in NFL history

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Our sincerest apologies. Columbus is not the worst team in the league? They're just in last place and have the fewest wins, fewest points and worst goal differential in the NHL. Is that nicer?

Rex Ryan Absolves Jets After Loss to Tim Tebow's Broncos, But Santonio Holmes Wants More From Mark Sanchez

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Some people were so in awe of Tim Tebow's magic that they couldn't even speak after the game.

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