Jose Canseco had been training for a boxing match with Lenny Dykstra, but Dykstra dropped out.

Who's there to answer the call? None other than Shaquille O'Neal, according to The Hall of Very Good.

On Saturday, after urging people to tune into the night's UFC bout and prediciting a Cain Velasquez win, Shaq said, "What up Dana white I wanna fight jose conseco hook it up," via his official Twitter account, @SHAQ.

O'Neal might have spelled Canseco's name wrong, but it's pretty obvious who he's referring to. White, of course, is the current president of UFC.

Dykstra and Canseco are two prominent names from baseball's steriod era, and Dykstra claims that Canseco ruined his baseball career, so it naturally made sense for the two to take their anger out in a boxing match. Unfortunately, though, the bout never came to fruition.

Either way, with Dykstra out of the picture, O'Neal is ready to step into the ring. And he does have some boxing experience, thanks to his fight with "Sugar" Shane Mosley on O'Neal's TV series, Shaq Vs.

Check out Shaq's tweet below.

Shaquille O'Neal Says He Wants to Fight Jose Canseco