Barry Deley was out shopping for groceries when he got a phone call that will undoubtedly change his life forever.

Global BC, a news station in British Columbia, recently paired with the BC Children’s Hospital in British Columbia to help raise money for the hospital through a lottery. The grand prize was the choice of one of a few estates or a $2 million prize. The winner was to be announced live on TV, and at first, it went like any old lottery drawing.

Then, the newscasters made note that the name was close to the name of one of the station’s sportscasters. After the name was read again (and spelled as well), everyone started to realize that the winner was actually Deley.

This interrupted the entire live broadcast as one of the anchors decided to call Deley on the air to tell him the good news. Naturally, Deley, who was grocery shopping at the time, originally thought it to be a joke. Eventually he started to believe it, and at the same time, started to realize his life was about to change.

Of course, when he found out how much money it would bring him, he couldn’t resist making a joke that he was in line to make about 10 percent of Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo‘s salary.

The best part of the story is that Deley said that the biggest reason he supports the hospital is that it was where one of his daughters was treated for leukemia seven years ago.