The Major League Gaming national championships took place over the weekend in Providence, R.I., and Patriots running back Stevan Ridley — a gaming enthusiast himself — stopped by to play a few rounds of Call of Duty: Black Ops with 9-year-old Austin from the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Believe it or not, Ridley stays away from Madden and other sports games, saying he sees enough football during the day. He's more a fan of racing and shooting games, as seen in the video above. 

As for the big winners this weekend, check out the list below.

Halo: Reach
Team Instinct, winners of $100,000

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty
Lee Dong Nyung from Korea, winner of $50,000

Call of Duty: Black Ops
Team Quantic Next Threat, winners of $50,000

League of Legends
Team SoloMid, winners of $15,000