Tim Tebow Has Never Heard of Sports Illustrated Cover JinxTim Tebow‘s image graced the cover of Sports Illustrated five times when he played at Florida, so one might think No. 15 is familiar with the magazine’s poor reputation in choosing coverboys.

Apparently, the Broncos’ quarterback has had better things to do than pay attention to a non-existent curse.

Tebow pled ignorance last week about the jinx after he appeared on the cover of the magazine.

“I heard of the Madden Jinx,” Tebow said in response to a reporter’s question, but he was unaware of the theory that being pictured on SI is considered bad luck.

The SI cover jinx is a a bunch of hooey to anyone who really pays attention. When a magazine publishes 52 issues a year, some of the cover choices are bound to implode.

As mentioned, Tebow was on the cover five times in college, and he had a pretty good career as a Gator. Tom Brady and Michael Jordan showed up on SI’s cover a combined 71 times (15 and counting for Brady, 56 for MJ) and they’ve done pretty well for themselves.

If fans anywhere should scoff at the curse, it’s here in New England, where UConn has singlehandedly disproved the curse time and again. In 2003, SI had two shots to get it wrong, picturing Emeka Okafor and Diana Taurasi on its college basketball preview issue. Both the Huskies’ men’s and women’s teams won national championships that season. And just this past season, Kemba Walker made three appearances on the cover, and all he did was lead UConn to the national title.

So all things considered, it’s not so bad that Timmy never heard of something that doesn’t exist.

Thanks to ThePostGame for bringing this to our attention.

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Tim Tebow Has Never Heard of Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx
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Tim Tebow Has Never Heard of Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx

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