Which New York Jet Do Patriots Fans Hate Most?The Patriots and Jets will renew their rivalry Sunday night and this game promises to be filled with as much smack talk and emotion as the ones before. In this rivalry, however, it's the Jets who are often outspoken and the Patriots who keep to themselves.

The Jets have some vocal characters, perhaps none more than Rex Ryan. He has promised a Super Bowl each of first three seasons as head coach and repeatedly talks about how much he wants to beat the Patriots. After the Jets lost 45-3 to the Patriots in Week 13 last season, Ryan said after the game he wanted to play the Patriots again immediately. Of course, he and the Jets would get another crack at the Pats in the playoffs and win 28-21.

Plaxico Burress was one of the Jets' top free agent signings this offseason. Burress has been average for the Jets so far this season but his size creates mismatches for opposing defenses. Pats fans will never forget his game-winning touchdown reception in Super Bowl XLII as a member of the New York Giants.

Darelle Revis' lockdown defense has caused headaches for Patriot fans, not to mention Patriot receivers. Revis provided some smack talk in the past, most notably bantering with now retired Randy Moss, calling him a "slouch" early in the 2010 season.

Quarterback Mark Sanchez usually elevates his performance when these two teams square off. In last year's playoff game, Sanchez was efficient, throwing for 194 yards and three touchdowns.

Linebacker Bart Scott follows in Ryan's footsteps and never holds back his opinions. When asked about Sunday's game against the Patriots and then facing the Broncos just four days later, Scott said: "Hopefully, we can beat the Patriots, and then flush that turd and move on to a short week into a tough environment."

Against other teams, LaDainian Tomlinson has usually let his play do the talking rather than engage in a battle of words. It's a different story against the Patriots. While the running back was with the San Diego Chargers, Tomlinson lost his cool after the Patriots defeated the Chargers in the 2006 playoffs. Tomlinson got into a shoving match with some players and called the Patriots "classless."

Which New York Jet do Patriots fans hate most?