Antonio Cromartie Joins Darrelle Revis in Jets-Giants Trash-Talk War Leading Up to Mediocre Bowl


December 23, 2011

Antonio Cromartie Joins Darrelle Revis in Jets-Giants Trash-Talk War Leading Up to Mediocre BowlThe Jets and Giants have spent the entire season trying to outdo each other. Just as one team looks to be the most mediocre squad in New York, the other has responded with an embarrassing loss of its own. It’s been quite the battle for mediocrity, and it will come to a head Saturday afternoon at MetLife stadium, when the Jets “host” the Giants.

In advance of Mediocre Bowl 2011, the teams have been exchanging a healthy supply of trash talk.

It started with Giants receiver Victor Cruz stating that All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis would have to “earn his money this year” and that “teams aren’t really scared anymore.” Revis responded with a laugh.

“I mean, I’m not a monster,” Revis told reporters. “So why would anybody be scared? I don’t know.”

Revis, being a New York Jet and all, did get in a verbal jab himself.

“I don’t even know who this guy is, really,” Revis said, not specifying whether he meant Cruz or Hakeem Nicks, who also had something to say about Revis.

Cornerback Antonio Cromartie, who’s previously engaged in some famous trash talk with Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, joined the fray as well.

“You got guys that are not even Pro Bowl material,” Cromartie said of Nicks and Cruz, according to the New York Daily News. “Who really cares what they have to say?”

Cromartie himself hasn’t made a Pro Bowl since 2007, his only appearance, so that’s an interesting choice of analysis for the cornerback. He also fired a shot at Giants receiver Mario Manningham.

“We’ll have to see on Saturday … that’s even if he touches the field,” Cromartie said. “[Manningham] let a guy named Victor Cruz come in and take his job.”

Cruz, you’ll note, has 73 receptions this year, which is 23 more than any Jets receiver. He also has 1,194 yards, which is 501 more than any Jets receiver. It’s shocking, I know, but it looks like Cromartie’s logic is a little flawed.

The trash talk provides plenty of filler for the New York papers this week, but none of it will mean much once the teams take the field for the Mediocre Bowl on Saturday afternoon. There will be a lot on the line: The winner will improve to either 8-7 or 9-6, and the loser will drop to 7-8 or 8-7. They may not have a lot of wins, but at least they have plenty to say about each other.

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