Editor’s note: Ben Barker contributed this story to NESN.com

Patriots receiver Chad Ochocinco may not have a touchdown, but he’s got quite the personality.

On Monday night, the wideout and Twitter phenom put a positive end to the fall semester for a group of marketing students from Emerson College.

After a back-and-forth Twitter exchange spanning the course of the semester, Ochocinco made true on his promise to share some of his social media expertise.

"I thought it would be fun, for one, just showing the power of social media, Twitter for that matter, being able to interact with the fans, which is something I'm big [on], I think it's really important."

Ochocinco and his fiancee, Evelyn Lozada, met with the students at the All Star Sandwich Bar in Cambridge.

Although it was Chad who was playing professor, he took some social media advice from the students as well.

"[It has been fun to] talk to the students, here some of their views, their ideas, some of the things that they’re doing, some of the things they can help me with…"