Israel Wants to Reschedule World Cup Qualifier Against Northern Ireland That Falls on Passover


Israel and Northern Ireland are set to play a World Cup qualifier on March 26, 2013 that falls on an important Jewish holiday.

The match would clash with the second day of Passover celebrations, making travel difficult for those celebrating during the actual Passover holiday.

The game is set for that date because the Northern Irish FA will not play on Sundays due to religious reasons. The Israeli federation hopes the federations can come to an agreement as they face similar difficulties with scheduling.

In a formal statement regarding the situation the president of the Israeli Football Federation Avi Luzon stated that, “Our first aim was to reach an agreement, and avoid playing games on Friday, Rosh Hashanah and Passover eve.”

In follow up questioning by the Jewish News, a spokeswoman for the IFA stated that they have gotten in touch with UEFA to try and resolve the situation, although no changes have been proposed or promised by either party.

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