Oh, that Jose Canseco and his biting put-downs of the general public.

Captured on video escorting three young women into his car, the 1988 American League MVP tried to quickly deal with some autograph hounds who were following. While hurriedly signing a couple of photographs, Canseco was asked to pose for a picture, but he refused.

Canseco contains multitudes. He clearly yearns for attention, as evidenced by his appearances on celebrity reality shows and the occasional promotional boxing match, yet whenever he’s shown in public, he acts annoyed that people want to get near him.

He’s obviously a complicated human being.

In the video, a bystander or one of the autograph seekers — it’s impossible to tell which — yells that no one cares about Canseco anymore.

“Nobody cares about you either, fat ass,” Canseco yells back. “You’ve got no [guts]. That’s why you won’t say it to my face. Typical human feces. No [guts].”

Canseco’s colorful vocabulary aside, he is, in fact, absolutely correct. According to the encyclopedia, typical human feces indeed has no [guts]. It’s impressive that Canseco knew that without having to look it up. He must be some sort of scientist.

Check out the exchange in the video below, courtesy of World Monitor TV.

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Lookin’ sharp, Jose.

Jose Canseco Takes Home Three Ladies, Calls Autograph Hound 'Typical Human Feces'
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“To emphasize what I have said previously, I am very happy at Iowa. We have a great staff and group of student athletes, and we receive outstanding support from president Sally Mason and the director of athletics Gary Barta. I fully intend to be at Iowa next year and well beyond 2012.”
— Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz in a statement refuting rumors that he will pursue the Kansas City Chiefs head coaching job

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Je ne sais pas. Je ne parle pas anglais.

Jose Canseco Takes Home Three Ladies, Calls Autograph Hound 'Typical Human Feces'

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There’s no way that car seats four people comfortably.