Lions, Chargers Involved in Pregame Scuffle As Teams Emerge From Tunnel (Video)

Apparently there's something about holidays that makes the Detroit Lions go a little wacky.

While Saturday's Christmas Eve antics weren't quite as wild as Ndamukong Suh's Turkey Day stomp, things still got a bit interesting as the Lions hosted the Chargers.

The two teams had to be separated before a single snap after Detroit center Dominic Raiola shoved San Diego linebacker Antwan Barnes from behind as the teams emerged from the tunnel. Barnes turned around after the shove, at which point some more pushing and shoving ensued.

It's unclear what sparked the beef, but it's the latest instance of the Lions getting a bit wild. In addition to Suh's Thanksgiving day stomp on the Packers' Evan Dietrich-Smith, which prompted a two-game suspension, Lions head coach Jim Schwartz was also involved in an altercation with 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh earlier this season.

Whatever your take is on Detroit's newfound attitude, it's at least clear that the Lions are no longer willing to just roll over.

Check out Saturday's pregame dust-up in the video below.

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