Patriots Double Markell Carter’s Practice Squad Salary


Dec 19, 2011

The Patriots gave rookie defensive end Markell Carter a huge pay raise.

Carter's practice squad salary increased to $306,000 from $149,000. The salary increase will be prorated through the rest of the regular season, so he'll earn $18,000 per week with the raise.

Carter is now the highest-paid player on the Patriots' practice squad. Tight end Garrett Mills is the next highest-paid player with a $239,062.50 salary. The minimum salary for a player on the practice squad is $96,900, which is $5,700 per week.

The raise comes for two reasons. First, it almost certainly means another team wanted to sign Carter to their active roster. So, in turn, the Patriots gave him more money as an incentive to stay in New England. And obviously, they wouldn't have done it if they didn't like his potential as a player.

Carter also loves his situation with the Patriots, so the raise is some very welcomed news.

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