Report: Reggie Bush’s Mother Hates Kim Kardashian, Wouldn’t Want Son to Get Back Together With Her


Even since Kim Kardashian and NBA big man Kris Humphries split up, there’s been some debate as to whether she would someday reunite with her other ex, Dolphins running back Reggie Bush. But if Bush’s mother has anything to do with it, that’s not happening.

According to the Gather Celebs News Channel, Bush’s mother hates Kardashian and feels that she’s no good for her son. When she heard that the two reestablished contact in the midst of Kardashian’s current divorce drama, she reportedly screamed, “Don’t take her back,” as she never liked Kardashian or her family in the first place.

The Gather Celebs News Channel reports that a source indicates that Momma Bush’s hatred for Kardashian stems from her disapproval of Kardashian’s infamous Internet sex tape with another ex, rapper Ray J.

“Momma Bush wants her son to set­tle down with a wholesome, religious woman who’s out of the spotlight,” the report reads.

Needless to say, it sounds like quite the predicament for Mr. Bush. Then again, the sixth-year pro is doing quite alright sans Kardashian. He’s rushed for a career-high 1,086 yards in his first year in Miami.

Maybe mother really does know best.

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