Report: Terrell Owens Close to Accepting Offer From Indoor Football League Team Including Part-OwnershipFully recovered from knee surgery, Terrell Owens may finally be getting back into football — in the Indoor Football League, that is.

The Allen Wranglers have reportedly extended an offer to Owens of up to $500,000 and also are offering a chance for the former NFL wide receiver to become a part owner of the franchise, according to Yahoo's Shutdown Corner.

"It doesn't make a ton of financial sense, but it would make it the No. 1 fan experience in Collin County," admits Wranglers team owner Jon Frankel in the Dallas Morning News. "The awareness of the team would skyrocket, and I would imagine we'd sell out every game."

The Wranglers coach is also convinced that Owens has something left in the tank, stating that the team is serious about the team's interest in the former NFL wide receiver.

"At first everybody thought it was a big joke, but it wasn't a big joke. It's serious," Pat Pimmel said. "[Owens] would have never got his agent involved in it if he wasn't thinking about it. He can still play, you know that."

While Pimmel may know that, it seems that NFL teams don't. At an open workout earlier this year, zero NFL teams showed up to see Owens play, which explains why the borderline Hall of Famer is considering the offer.