Is there still time to jam another Tim Tebow story down your throats before 2011 ends?

OK, good.

That uncomfortable silence on Sunday will be Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow and Chiefs quarterback Kyle Orton not discussing that little matter from earlier this season, for which Tebow reportedly still owes Orton money.

Tebow, in one of those weird kangaroo-court rulings that only seem to occur in pro locker rooms, was fined for six days back in September and October when an electronic billboard in Denver made a pitch for the then-backup to replace Orton. The quarterbacks, led by Orton at the time, decided to fine Tebow for each day the billboard remained up.

As it turned out, that turned out to be less than a week, as Tebow replaced Orton on Oct. 9. The fine then became not only unecessary but slightly thorny for Orton, who was later released before joining the Chiefs.

Tebow went on to win seven of his first eight starts and Orton manufactured the Packers’ only loss of the season thus far, so things went fairly well for both quarterbacks.

Orton can claim some bragging rights if the Chiefs beat the Broncos on Sunday. A Broncos loss coupled with a Raiders win would bounce Denver from the playoff picture, but that would also mean a Tebow-less playoffs, which is something so horrible we shouldn’t even speak of it.

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The Year of Tebow will soon come to an end.

Tim Tebow Was Fined by Kyle Orton, Broncos Quarterbacks for Pro-Tebow Billboard in Denver

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“This is the last time you’ll see me in the octagon.”
— UFC great Brock Lesnar after taking a first-round beating at the hands of Alistair Overeem on Saturday night 

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Can’t argue with that.

Tim Tebow Was Fined by Kyle Orton, Broncos Quarterbacks for Pro-Tebow Billboard in Denver

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