There's plenty of excitement being generated by this week's Patriots-Broncos showdown in Denver, and perhaps no one is more excited about it than Broncos fans., a website specializing in analyzing the secondary ticket market, reports that ticket prices for Sunday's game are soaring on the secondary market. Yet another Tim Tebow comeback last weekend paired with Tom Brady and the Patriots coming to town, mean demand for tickets is only increasing to mile-high levels.

Apparently interest and demand for tickets on the secondary markets have only increased throughout the week, as prices have jumped 40 percent over the course of the week.

That's nothing new in regards to Broncos tickets, however. Since Tebow was named the team's starting quarterback in October, secondary ticket prices have seen a 44 percent increase for games at Invesco Field. 

Tim Tebow's Winning Ways, Patriots Coming to Denver Have Broncos Ticket Prices Soaring