Vote: Should Baseball Hold Another Vote for MVP If Ryan Braun’s Suspension Is Upheld?


December 12, 2011

Vote: Should Baseball Hold Another Vote for MVP If Ryan Braun's Suspension Is Upheld? Baseball's got another problem on its hands, and this one's just as bad as any of them.

Ryan Braun, voted MVP of the National League just over two weeks ago, reportedly tested positive for a performance-enhancing drug and will likely be suspended for 50 games. Braun is appealing the finding and claiming his innocence, but no player has ever won an appeal of this kind.

Now, while Major League Baseball couldn't go back in time and take away Jose Canseco's MVP Award in 1988 and give it to Mike Greenwell, it could very well open up the 2011 NL vote again. Certainly, had these results been known by the voters, the outcome would have been different. (Matt Kemp, do you agree?)

The Baseball Writers Association of America made clear that it has no plans to take the award away from Braun, who finished just 56 points ahead of Kemp in voting. The question is, should baseball hold another vote if Braun's appeal fails to clear his name?

If Ryan Braun's suspension is upheld, should MLB hold a new vote for NL MVP?

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