What Is the Biggest Challenge for a Young Player in the NHL?


What Is the Biggest Challenge for a Young Player in the NHL?Life can be hard, even for an NHL player. Yes, they are paid large sums of money to play a sport, but it is still a job and every job has its ups and downs.

Young players in particular can have a rough time adjusting to life in the NHL.

Tyler Seguin missed the Bruins’ last game against the Winnipeg Jets because he slept through a team meeting and a team breakfast. But the rigors of playing on the road and learning to manage one’s time is only one of the many pitfalls that can trip up a young NHL star-in-the-making.

For one, adjusting to the caliber of play in the league is no easy feat. The NHL moves at a pace unknown to almost every other sport and it can take some time for young players to get up to speed. Another challenge is staying healthy and maintaining conditioning during the season.

Staying focused throughout the entire season takes some work, too. Many young players are not used to the grind of an 82-game season and can lose focus. It can be a challenge to stay motivated every time out on the ice and trap games lurk all over an NHL schedule.

And of course, there are many temptations off the ice that can beckon to a young player. Staying out of trouble off of the ice is sometimes easier said than done when living the life of a professional athlete.

What is the biggest challenge for a young player in the NHL?

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