Adam Schefter Gets Back at Rob Lowe, Tweets Cancellation of ‘Parks and Recreation’


January 19, 2012

Adam Schefter Gets Back at Rob Lowe, Tweets Cancellation of 'Parks and Recreation'Adam Schefter doesn?t get scooped by anyone when it comes to NFL news.

When actor Rob Lowe decided to venture into the world of investigative sports reporting when he tweeted Wednesday that Peyton Manning was going to retire, Schefter sought out revenge.

The ESPN reporter tweeted Thursday that Lowe?s show, Parks and Recreation, is "getting canceled."

While some savvy Twitter users caught on to the joke, many unsuspecting Parks and Rec fans were left stunned at the news that NBC was "removing" the critically acclaimed comedy.

With many people unaware of the Lowe-Manning situation, the apparent legitimacy of the tweet left many ripping NBC for their "decision," while others were left in a state of despair.

The whole situation shows the potential comedic gold mine that social networking can posses, all while Schefter sits back and laughs as he sets Twitter ablaze.

One thing is certain: No one tell Ron Swanson.

Photo via Facebook/Ron Swanson

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