Patriots fans are hoping BenJarvus Green-Ellis does what he does best this Sunday evening in Indianapolis: hold onto the football and pick up yards.

While that's No. 1 on his list as well, he'll also be doing football parents a favor when he steps onto the field.

The Pats running back will be wearing a concussion-measuring chin strap.

"I’m really wearing it just to improve the awareness for parents," he explained at media day. "You can get hit and you see your child out there, you don’t really know what’s really going on, but if you can see the light is blinking then you can have a coach or somebody check them out.
"It won’t be [a distraction]. I’ve been wearing it for the last couple weeks," he added. "It’s a chin strap. It’s not really nothing that’s different about it, it’s just a chin strap. The only thing that’s different is it registers the amount of impact that you’re getting once you get hit. That will be fun. I think that’s fun."