INDIANAPOLIS — Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien got his first chance to meet with the New England media Tuesday since taking over at Penn State, as the majority of the team's coaching staff was made available at Lucas Oil Stadium.

It also might be the most important week of O'Brien's coaching career as he juggles the challenge of gearing up for the Super Bowl and finalizing Penn State's recruiting process in time for Wednesday's national signing day.

"[Wednesday] night, I'll get a fax of our signees," O'Brien said. "I already have a pretty good idea of who they're going to be. Again, it's really more about the Patriots and making sure we're ready for today's practice, tomorrow's meetings and Sunday's game. So it's day-to-day."

O'Brien was hired by Penn State prior to the Patriots' playoff opener against the Broncos, and he is taking over the program at a difficult time.

"I've been asked that question a million times, and it's really about the people at both ends," O'Brien said. "Bill [Belichick] has really helped here as far as the offensive staff and some administrative people that have helped me in New England when I haven't been here, and then I think I've put together one of the best staffs in the country at Penn State, and they've hit the ground running up there."

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