Blake Griffin Rookie Card Sells for $38,032, or Enough Money to Buy Multiple Kias


January 21, 2012

Blake Griffin is a very good basketball player. Because of that, along with his ability to do things above the rim with a basketball that no human being should be able to do, he’s very popular.

Is he popular enough, however, that someone would pay nearly $40,000 for a little piece of cardboard with his picture and John Hancock on it? Apparently so.

Business Insider points out that a Griffin rookie card recently went for $38,032 on an eBay auction. Now, you’re probably wondering to yourself, “Isn’t it insane to spend that much money on a basketball card?” The answer to that question would be a resounding yes.

You may also ask, “What makes a basketball card worth $38,000?” Well, the answer to that one is that the one-of-a-kind card, produced by Panini America, features Griffin’s autograph and an NBA logo patch from a game-worn Griffin jersey. So there’s that.

For a little perspective, let’s turn to one of Griffin’s endorsement deals, shall we? If you watched any of the Clippers-Timberwolves game on Friday night on ESPN, you probably noticed roughly 73 Kia commercials featuring the high-flying Clipper. Kia has gone with the full-court press when it comes to the Griffin campaign, something that was helped along by Griffin dunking over a Kia during last year’s slam-dunk contest.

Well, for $38,000, you could outfit your garage with a new Kia or two. In fact, according to the suggest retail prices on Kia’s website, for $38,000, you could get a pair of cars depending on what you were looking for. 

Or, you could get yourself a basketball card.

Photo of the Day

Would you rather have two Kias or a Blake Griffin rookie card? Or, would you just rather have a life?

Blake Griffin Rookie Card Sells for $38,032, or Enough Money to Buy Multiple Kias

Quote of the Day

“Midway through the first he should have stopped and put his name on the [Hall of Fame] ballot.”
–Celtics coach Doc Rivers talking about a 14-point, four-rebound first quarter for Suns center Marcin Gortat whose rookie card is not worth $38,000.

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Heard that.

Blake Griffin Rookie Card Sells for $38,032, or Enough Money to Buy Multiple Kias

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The only thing not awesome about this 5-on-3 power-play goal is that Tomas Kaberle isn’t involved somehow.

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