On your mark, get set, gamble.

Gambling website Bovada.lv has released this year's prop bets for Super Bowl XLVI. While some of the bets may be understandable — such as betting on which player will score a touchdown first — some of them are a little out of the ordinary. 

Check out a few of the prop bets below.

Fans have a chance to fire down on what color fluids get dumped on the head coach of the winning it all. Orange has 9-4 odds while just plain water has a 3-1 chance to be thrown on Bill Belichick's or Tom Coughlin's back.

Tom Brady has the best odds to win game MVP at 13-10 and there's a 4-1 chance that Wes Welker will score the Patriots' first touchdown.

Odds are 5-2 that Kelly Clarkson will forget or leave out a word of the National Anthem while odds that Madonna will be wearing an NFL jersey at any point during the halftime show are also 5-2. The over/under of Clarkson's anthem is at 1:34 and there are even 3-1 odds on her showing her belly during it.

There's a 2-1 shot that the MVP will thank his teammates first. Thanking God stands at 7-2, but we all know that if Tim Tebow was playing in the game, they would be much higher.

The over/under of online viewers is set at 1.5 million — both at 6-5 odds.

Both teams have 5-6 odds that president Barack Obama picks one or the other to win.

Here's a fun one for New Englanders: The odds that both the Patriots win the Super Bowl and the Bruins will win the 2012 Stanley Cup are 9-1. On the other hand, a Giants win and a Rangers Stanley Cup victory will pay out at 20-1 odds.