Despite his career-low statistics in every possible category, Patriots wideout and Twitter enthusiast Chad Ochocinco seemed fairly optimistic in his media day interview with Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders.

It looked as though Deion was out to get Ochocinco in trouble a few times during this interview. The first came when Sanders asked if Ochocinco would rather have 100 catches and be the receiver everybody knows and loves, or be where he is right now.

"I'd rather be here. I've put up all the numbers, I did all that," Ochocinco responded. "This will be the only time that I won't be home for the Martin Luther King [Jr.] parade. Because I'm always home that first week in January."

Ochocinco went on to discuss how grateful he is to be in New England given the obstacles he has faced throughout his career, before Deion asked the question all New England fans are probably thinking themselves.

"I talked to Tom Brady, I asked him one question," Sanders said. "I didn't ask him who is going to win, I did ask about [Rob] Gronkowski, I didn't ask him this and that or where he stands in history, but I did ask him one thing, 'Can Chad get a ball?'"

Not wanting to get himself in trouble with the head coach Bill Belichick, Ocho simply said, "I'm going to do my job."

To watch the full interview click the image below.

Chad Ochocinco, Deion Sanders Talk Catches, Twitter in Media Day Interview (Video)
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