Chad Ochocinco Says Terrell Owens, Randy Moss Have Helped Him Through Tough SeasonChad Ochocinco‘s first year as a member of the New England Patriots hasn’t gone the way he probably envisioned.

Sure, Ochocinco escaped the Cincinnati Bengals and will head to his first Super Bowl next Sunday when the Pats play the New York Giants, but the star wide receiver hasn’t made the impact he was expected to make.

In order to handle the stress of a subpar season, Ochocinco has been talking with two of the most famous, outspoken wide receivers in NFL history.

During an interview with the Boston Herald, Ochocinco admitted that has been talking to Terrell Owens and Randy Moss throughout the year, and the three have formed a close bond.

“For me, those guys were my outlets. Not Twitter,” Ochocinco said. “To have those two guys in my corner, I talk to them all the time. [Moss] keeps me sane for 16 weeks, every week. Every week we talked. T.O., too. We’re close-knit, us so-called diva receivers.”

The three receivers share some common history. Moss and Ochocinco were both high-profile acquisitions for the Patriots, while Owens and Ochocinco both played together last year with the Bengals.

That common history gave Owens and Moss the insight that has helped Ochocinco through his trying year, which saw No. 85 only record 15 catches for 276 yards and one touchdown. Ochocinco has only played one snap this postseason, and was deactivated before last week’s AFC Championship Game following the passing of his father.

“Who is going to understand what I’m talking about, or going through, from my standpoint?” said Ochocinco. “Not Bill, not Tom. It’s like having my own personal support group. I love those two, man. I didn’t want to burden anyone else in here with that bull. They don’t want to hear that.”