Fausto Carmona Lies About Identity, Indians Pitcher Arrested in Dominican Republic


January 19, 2012

Fausto Carmona was not who we thought he was.

The Indians pitcher was arrested Thursday for using a false identity while renewing his American visa at the United States Consulate in the Dominican Republic.

Carmona's real name is Roberto Hernandez Heredia, according to an NBC Sports report. The Associated Press' Dionisio Soldevila reported that Carmona/Heredia also lied about his age. Despite claiming to be 28, the 6-foot-4, 230-pound righty is actually 31.

After an impressive 2007 where Carmona/Heredia won 19 games and had a 3.06 ERA, he has only won 33 games in the 4 seasons since and has posted a 5.01 ERA. Despite his repeated shortcomings, the Indians picked up a $7 million option on Carmona/Heredia in October.

The pitcher will be thankful that the legal ramifications for his crime likely will not be serious.

"Last month Marlins reliever Leo Nunez was arrested in the Dominican Republic when it was discovered that his real name is Juan Carlos Oviedo," the NBC report notes. "Oviedo was later released from jail and the incident didn't stop the Marlins from tendering him a contract and signing him for $6 million to avoid arbitration."

Unfortunately, Carmona/Heredia's newly realized age gives the Indians grounds to nullify his contract. Whether or not they do only time will tell, but if a franchise is willing to give $7 million to a pitcher who went 7-15 with a 5.25 ERA in 2011, it's tough to imagine a little identity fraud is going to get in the way.

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