Korrio and Axon Sports Unite to Help Parents With Concussion Management for Youth Athletes


Jan 11, 2012

Concussions are quickly becoming one of the more distressing trends in sports. Whether it is a young kid playing in a recreational league or a big name superstar such as Sidney Crosby, more precautions are being taken to assure that athletes staying safe when dealing with the serious injury.

A new program coming out will try to help in this battle by giving a brand new way to look into serious head injuries.

Korrio will be teaming up with Axon Sports to offer cognitive screenings to youth athletes in order to offer a better understanding of how to manage concussions.

The two companies will offer a scan that will show the athlete’s brain before an injury, measuring attention, processing speeds and memory. This will allow doctors to compare a healthy brain to one that has suffered a concussion.

Having the screening will aid in guiding the athlete towards a safe recovery and avoid any potential additional concussions while recuperating from the initial injury.

Korrio, a company that focuses on youth athletics and is the creator of Playflow, and Axon Sports, a well-known concussion management company, plan to test out their new concussion management system during the upcoming youth soccer season in the spring.

 “Once again, Korrio is changing the game for the benefit of youth and families,” Korrio CEO Steve Goldman said in a release. “This is a significant step forward in an area we care deeply about -– youth safety. Our research indicates significant concussion awareness in the youth soccer community, but families and organizations don’t know how to take the next step to ensure safety. Preseason baseline testing gives parents and coaches more peace of mind, knowing they are taking the needed steps to help protect their children’s health.”

The pilot program will include participating teams such as Seattle United, Sudbury (Mass.) Youth Soccer and Massachusetts Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program.

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