Two Bury FC players' were so eager to take a penalty kick that they decided to fight it out. The scuffle forced the referee to give the the two teammates yellow cards.

Earlier this week, England's League 1 side, Bury FC, was up 2-1 against Yeovil when a penalty kick was given. The chance to make it a 3-1 game was too much for forward Giles Coke and midfielder Steven Schumacher, the team's captain and designated penalty taker.

Coke refused to give the ball to Schumacher, and then the captain started shoving Coke. Three teammates had to separate the two, and schumacher was given the ball. After the players' settled, the referee put both in the book with a yellow card each.

Schumacher ended up slotting the penalty into the back of the net, and Bury FC won the match 3-2.

After the game, Bury FC manager Richie Barker said it was his captain's penalty to take. "Steven Schumacher is the captain, I've given him the responsibility to take penalties and as far as I'm concerned the rest of the team knows that."

The BBC reported that after the game, Coke did issue an apology.

"When playing my emotions run high, and in my mind following being brought down, all I could think of was getting the ball and making it 3-1."