FOXBORO, Mass. — Super Bowl XLII? Matt Light has never heard of it.

That was his message Thursday when he was asked about the team's loss to the Giants four years ago.

"I don't even think I was here in 2007," the Patriots left tackle said. "I can't answer that one."

The Patriots have answered questions about Super Bowl XLII differently throughout the week. There are only seven players on their active roster who were also with the team in 2007, so very few had to face the inquiries. But the responses ranged from humorous to annoyance to deflection.

"That was four years ago," left guard Logan Mankins said. "Next question."

No one polled has rewatched the game, from the players to owner Robert Kraft, though who can blame them for that? The questions, though, will continue to arise this week in Indianapolis, and the replies will likely continue to increase in vagueness.

Wide receiver Wes Welker summed it up best. There's nothing they can do about that loss now, four years later, so it's time to make the most of the only opportunity that they can control this week — Super Bowl XLVI.

"It's never fun to lose any game," Welker said. "You have to learn from it, move on, and when the opportunity comes again, seize that moment."

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