Milan Lucic No Fan of Tim Tebow, As Patriots Have Bruins Winger’s Full Allegiance Now


Milan Lucic No Fan of Tim Tebow, As Patriots Have Bruins Winger's Full Allegiance NowBOSTON — Growing up in Vancouver, the nearest NFL team for Milan Lucic was the Seattle Seahawks.

But they didn't hold too much allure for the Bruins winger, who looked further afield for his football fix. He found an unlikely team to cheer on for a while, but didn't form a strong allegiance until he arrived in Boston in 2007.

"Kind of," Lucic said of rooting for the Seahawks. "I was little bit of a Vikings fan too. I don't know why. But ever since I came here I've converted to Pats Nation."

Lucic's fandom and professional life came together Thursday night when the Garden faithful turned their attention from that evening's game with Montreal to Saturday's upcoming playoff showdown between the Patriots and the Denver Broncos. The Boston fans found someone they liked even less than the Habs as chants of "Tebow Sucks" rang out.

Lucic was a little too busy to notice as the Bruins were struggling to hang on for a 2-1 win, but he certainly appreciated the sentiment.

"I didn't really hear [the chants]," Lucic said. "I didn't really hear them, but as a Pats fan now I definitely would have loved to have joined in them."

Lucic quickly clarified that he wasn't putting down Denver quarterback Tim Tebow's abilities, just that he was confident that the Patriots would prevail over him on Saturday.

"Obviously I respect the type of competitor Tim Tebow is and I know he's going to play great and look forwards to the challenge of coming here on Saturday night, but definitely Pats all the way," Lucic said. "I'm on board with the Pats. I know they're going to bring their best and do whatever it takes."

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