Montreal Gazette Columnist Accuses Tim Thomas of Skipping Bruins’ White House Visit Because Barack Obama Is Black


Jack Todd's most recent column for the Montreal Gazette made it clear immediately that he's not a big fan of Tim Thomas' decision to skip the Bruins' White House Visit. But upon reading the dribble that followed, it's clear that he's not a big fan of Thomas in general.

Todd, known by Gazette readers as the Monday Morning Quarterback, threw plenty of insults and accusations in the direction of Thomas, the most ridiculous being that the Bruins goalie felt free to "dis" President Barack Obama because of the Commander in Chief's race.

"What's worse, you know Thomas would not have done this with the liberal Democrat Bill Clinton in the White House," Todd writes. "Truth is, he felt free to dis Barack Obama, because Obama is black."

That baseless accusation wasn't all that Todd threw out there, though. He also said that Thomas, whom he referred to as a "cretin," has the "class of a swamp-rat" for skipping out on the team's White House visit last week.

And this came after Todd ventured into the hot-button topic of concussions.

"It's unlikely that Bruins goalie Tim Thomas will suffer a concussion -? because the Boston chowderhead has nothing between the ears but industrial-grade gravel," Todd writes.

Todd didn't stop there, though. Nope. Instead, after the ensuing allegation-laden diatribe, Todd resorted to wishing physical harm upon Thomas.

"At least he accomplished one thing: Thomas earned himself a lifetime membership in the MMQB's zeros section, right next to [Marlins owner] Jeffrey Loria and [Marlins president] David Samson," Todd writes. "May he suffer many a groin pull for the rest of his sorry career."

Stay classy, Jack Todd. Stay classy.

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