Patriots Fans Named Most Diehard Fans in Country, According to New Survey


January 13, 2012

Congratulations Patriots fans, you are the most diehard fans in the country.

At least that is according to the results that came out from the Shaw’s/Star Market’s third annual Snack Down Survey.

Patriots fans had the highest percentage of hardcore fans in the country, with 37 percent of Boston respondents considering themselves diehard fanatics. The average only came out to 23 percent around the rest of the country.

The Patriots also had a high number of fans who claim to be loud, with 32 percent claiming that they are the ones who are “shouting and screaming at every game.” With Gillette Stadium being considered one of the quietest stadiums in the NFL, these must be the fans that listened when Tom Brady wanted the crowd to be “lubed up.”

Along with being the biggest fanatics in the country, Pats fans also registered as the most superstitious, with over 20 percent claiming that they wear the same articles of clothing for every single game.

The Snack Down Survey measures the eating habits of the typical football connoisseur. For instance, Pats fans ranked highest in never feeling guilty about snacking, with nearly half stating that they will spend more than $100 on food this year.

Another question asked by participants was which Patriot player would they most likely want to invite to a Super Bowl party. Unsurprisingly, Tom Brady led the way with 36 percent of the vote, with Tedy Bruschi (10 percent) and Wes Welker (8 percent) off in the distance.

Among other players chosen nationally, Joe Montana was the top choice among football fans, with current media superstar and upcoming Patriots playoff opponent Tim Tebow being chosen as one of the top five choices.

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