Appearing in a Super Bowl can offer players a multitude of perks. There’s the chance to win the Lombardi Trophy, a heightened profile, player bonuses… and UGG boots.

According to The Boston Globe’s Shalise Manza Young, each member of the New England Patriots received a pair of UGGs in front of his locker.

The UGG boots being delivered to the Patriots shouldn’t be seen as a random act, though, as Pats quarterback Tom Brady is one of the company’s biggest celebrity endorsers.

Young initially believed that Brady was behind the gifts, but tweeted that the boots were most likely not a gift from the QB.

“Uggs may not have been gift frm TB12. There was card in each box: ‘Congratulations for making it to Super Bowl XLVI, the Uggs team,'” Young tweeted.

While there’s no confirmation that the UGGs were from Brady, there was also no confirmation as to whether the Patriots enjoyed the boots more than the gift that Chad Ochocinco delivered to his teammates.