Sidney Crosby Suffering Soft Tissue Neck Injury That Could Be Causing Concussion SymptomsSidney Crosby is arguably the most marketable star in the NHL. For the past 13 months, though, the 24-year-old star has rarely seen the ice.

Several sources reported that a neck fracture was the reason for the star’s absence, but the Penguins are now releasing word that Crosby is suffering from a soft tissue injury in his neck, one that could lead to neurological problems including concussion-like symptoms.

Dr. Alexander Vaccaro is the spinal specialist who diagnosed the new injury, but Crosby is currently being treated by Dr. Robert S. Bray in Los Angeles.

“Bray has treated Crosby with an injection to alleviate swelling in the C1-2 joint of the neck and will be overseeing his progression with therapists,” the release stated.

There still is no timetable for Crosby’s return.