Jose Mourinho, Real Madrid Manager, Blows Up at Referee After Barcelona Game


Jose Mourinho, Real Madrid Manager, Blows Up at Referee After Barcelona GameLiving amidst controversy is nothing new for Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho.

After his team’s 2-2 draw against Barcelona on Wednesday saw Madrid exit the Copa del Rey (Barcelona won 4-3 on aggregate), the Daily Mirror reported that Mourinho shared his thoughts with referee Fernando Teixeira afterwards in the parking lot.

Mourinho stood in the parking lot and waited almost two hours just to confront the match’s referee, Teixeira.

Bystanders claimed that Mourinho marched up to within two feet of Teixeira and screamed in his face “Hey, some guy you are!” He added, “Why do you just love always [messing] up the professionals?”

After stating that he learned “nothing” in the game during his post-match press conference, Mourinho said that his players have also said they can’t win at the Nou Camp.

“I played here with Chelsea, Inter and Real Madrid. It’s nothing new to me. I’m not insinuating anything,” he said. “But I have heard people in the locker room say that it is impossible to win here.”

Barcelona has seemed to catch some breaks with officiating while playing at home. Another notable incident involved Arsenal striker Robin van Persie’s red card in a UEFA Champions League match in March 2011, when he was sent off for kicking the ball away. He claimed that he could not hear the referee’s whistle in that game.

“It was a total joke, the sending off, because how can I hear his whistle with 95,000 people jumping up?” said van Persie after Arsenal was knocked out of the tournament last March. “How can I hear that, for God’s sake?”

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