Recent Emerson College Graduate Wins Contest to Cover Super Bowl for Ochocinco News Network


Winning a contest is always fun. Winning a contest that allows you to take a trip to Indianapolis to cover the Super Bowl? Well, that's the type of contest that makes many weep in jealousy.

A recent Emerson College graduate, Cassidy Quinn Brettler, was named the lucky winner of a recent contest put on by Chad Ochocinco and Motorola. Brettler, who is the "Social Media Diva" of the local burrito chain Boloco, will be covering Sunday's big game for the Ochocinco News Network (OCNN), which describes itself as America's first one-man social news network.

The 22-year-old Brettler, who won the contest thanks to a video she uploaded just three hours before the contest ended, will now enjoy an all-expenses paid trip to Indianapolis for Super Bowl XLVI between the Patriots and Giants.

She reported for her own YouTube channel from last year's Super Bowl and from the Vancouver Olympics, according to WHDH Boston, but she'll have full credentials for this year's big game. Brettler's coverage this year will primarily involve frequent posts of coverage and interviews throughout the week via Facebook and Twitter pages.

"I hope I just get to see a ton of things that most people don’t get to see and to be able to communicate that to people. I'm super excited," Brettler said, according to WHDH Boston.

The recent Emerson grad is hoping to get to the bottom of some burning questions while in Indy, such as what Tom Brady does with all his Super Bowl rings.

"Does he throw just them in a drawer somewhere? Or does he have them hanging? Does Gisele wear one around her neck on a necklace? What do you do if you have more than one Super Bowl ring? What are you going to do with them? Maybe give one to me," said Brettler, who will be bringing her roomate to Indianapolis as her plus-one.

That last part — about receiving a ring — might be a bit unrealistic. Then again, with the way Brettler's luck has gone, and given the fact that Brady could soon be adding another ring to his collection, perhaps it isn't too far-fetched.

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