The Boston Red Sox are always looking out for the families that attend their games, and with the new season comes a new initiative to do just that.

At $12 per ticket, the upper bleacher seats at Fenway Park represent the cheapest and most easily accessible option for families looking to attend games. Of course, it also represents the cheapest and most easily accessible option for ticket resalers looking to mark up the price.

With that in mind, the Red Sox are making those specific seats purchasable digitally, requiring the credit card that purchased it to be presented upon entry to the stadium.

"By requiring the primary purchaser of the tickets to attend the game through this Digital Ticketing Initiative, our hope is to gradually eliminate those purchasing these specific tickets solely for the purpose of resale, and instead get these tickets into the hands of fans and families all over New England," said Ron Bumgarner, the Red Sox Senior Vice President of Ticketing.

The new initiative is something Major League Baseball plans to do league-wide, but the Sox were among the first to implement it. Ticket sales for the 2012 season begin Saturday at 10 a.m.