Report: College Football Playoff Coming As Part of Next BCS Contract

by NESN Staff

January 10, 2012

Report: College Football Playoff Coming As Part of Next BCS ContractThe BCS, the organization that loves to mess with college football fans almost as much as Paul Finebaum does, reportedly has another plan in the making.

The next Bowl Championship Series contract will include some type of playoff, a BCS source tells Matt Hayes of the Sporting News.

There is no indication of what the format will look like, but a high-ranking official was quoted uttering a promise Monday evening.

"It gets done," the official said, according to the Sporting News.

College football officials reportedly are to meet at least four times this offseason to develop a plan that maintains the importance of the regular season while instituting a playoff format.

BCS executive director Bill Hancock continued his annoying habit of teasing fans with just enough of a carrot and stick to assure a few more headlines in the day after the national championship game.

"Anyone who loves college football would love to be a fly on the wall during these discussions," Hancock said. "Everything you can imagine will be brought up, from who plays who to where they play to the business aspect of it. It's all going to be on the table. We've got a lot of work to do."

BCS and major-conference officials have met many times before, of course, and be presented with numerous playoff plans that made far more sense than the current farce. Every time, they voted down a playoff, saying it was impossible.

The impossible may be on its way to happening.

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